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Create your own Page

Promote your brand, show off your skills or sell your services. Be the most popular on social media.

Fun events

Let people know what you are planning. Create and promote Events for people to meet or have activities. Or even a singles meet up.

Common interests with Groups

Create a Group or join one based on common interests. Millions of people have common interests. Facebook style!

Awesome Photo Sharing

Who doesn't like to show off their pics from an event. Upload, store and share your fun memories. And best of all, connect them to the specific event.

Reels of fun with Videos

Import from YouTube and other social media sharing services. Or, upload your own incredible short takes.


Tired of getting censored online from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Apple? We will NOT censor you based on your political beliefs (as long as you do not do anything illegal).

Anti Spam Features

A community free of spam helps in enhancing user experience and builds users’ trust. Also, Dubwoo is user policed. You get reported, we will review and decide what to do.

Everything in one place

Want to make the best ever community? Join us. We provide numerous features tailored in one place. We basically merged meetup and facebook to make an awesome Activity based experience.

Eye Catching

A community with an awesome interface. Helps your friends connect easier and find you on the web.

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Popular Members

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